Products of neusport are tested according to DIN V 18035-6:2004-10 and are annually checked and audited by ourselves and independent organizations. Tested and audited playgrounds, synthetic layers and sports facilities are a very important element for…

…sport layers neusport SB, neusport MB and neusport MB II for track and field athletics:


high performance running courses, all track and field athletic disciplines of highest level type A,B,C and intensively used training courses as well as short distance courses and run-up courses

New construction ( sports layers neusport E, neusport SW) for ball sports:

soccer, small area handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badmington, school sports areas, synthetic grass play grounds, leisure grounds

New construction ( fall protection neusport FS) for the following facilities:

mainly for playing areas for children, school or kindergarden areas, rehabilitation hospitals, senior homes, public swimming pools etc.

To asure usage according to your needs it is useful to consult our experienced techniciens before you start your project.

Further information about our sports layers you can find under our product details

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